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Anonymous said: So I have HUGE crush on this guy in my English class, but he's straight and I'm not, so how could I get over my crush of him? I mean, it sucks yo know he will never like me back.

I guess you can just try moving on and liking someone else, you can just think “he will never like me why waste my time on him” or you can see if he’s bi curious :~~) but I don’t know, normally when I try to get over someone I just kinda get it in my head they don’t like me and try to move on and I hope you try the same thing and find someone who actually likes you !!


squishy on Flickr.
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In an aquarium.
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The Huge Wave!

Ellis Ericson by Duncan Macfarlane
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earthdaily: Azul Pavo by Roberto Portillo
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'La fièvre Grunge' photographed by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris September 2013
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It’s A Double! by WherezJeff on Flickr.
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Cabins Glow | by Ed Boudreau | Website.
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Four million dollar mansion burns to the ground in Ohio Article

where’s count olaf
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